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The Clay Road

tapestry series


The Clay Road Tapestry website invites you to a feast of the fantastical by postmodern poet Emily Isaacson. Lean into the lush gardens of literature, the castles of the mind, medieval wanings of the internet realms, or domains and portals to the hearts of humankind.

In all her poetic words, kind deeds, and vivid tapestries of multimedia art, Emily Isaacson portrays a celestial realm to which we travel on the Clay Road. The Clay Road has been our imminent theme as we return to the beginnings of Emily Isaacson's work with the Earth.

Also join with the mystical rambles of Emily Isaacson as she writes her medieval blog highlighting the makings of a poet and her career as a writer. She is a mythic soul, a solitary unicorn.

Weep, dance, cry here in the throes of an ancient universe as it draws near with riveting crash of cymbals. Be a stone groaning in the dark, see from nearer perspective whether she missed her mark. She is a hunter of visions and supernal influences.

Some people can just see in the dark, and they travel at the speed of light with luminous splendour. It is a miracle that makes a poem; it is an epiphany moment.


Is poetry a language that makes Canada a sublime country?

The poets will ask, they will respond in verse,

if I know them well . . .

[Photo: Castle reflected in the water is an image of postmodernism]


What is an online tapestry?

An online tapestry is a series of websites designed by one artist. The web is used as a powerful medium. In multimedia art, more than one medium is used together, and this creates a visual stimulus to inspire viewers and in turn help other artists create more and different art than before. New art inspires artists of all mediums to create something in response, in their art form. This generation of power and ideas is a form of intellectual conversation. People talk back and forth in the art field in various mediums and modes of communication, at times practicing different ideologies, such as Zen, Romanticism, or Transcendentalism. The tapestry is postmodern, rising out of minimalism. The artist notes that it is a maximalist creation, depicting lavish colours, ideas, and an over-stated richness.

Emily: “Could the effect of long-term minimalism be maximalism?”  Read more . . .


There was a healing from the clay when
the Messiah walked on earth.
He fashioned it with spit between his fingers.
A ray of light descended on the road of compassion.

There is a road of reparation, and those who travel
on it find peace and forgiveness. The clay of the
road bears his footprints. The fruit of the tree
he passes by is his constellation of seeds.

          Emily Isaacson, A Familiar Shore

Medieval clothing photos courtesy of Armstreet Clothing Co.