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emily isaacson

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Thistle Down


Thistle manor, away off the moor,

here the thistle down blows...

and away lullaby, mother sing,

lullaby to a prince and a king.

Here there is no sense of repeat,

just a mild prickly pod bed,

enumerating the signs

of harvest to summer’s end.

The trees and the heather

all lean like the wind.


Eventually the thistle down speaks—

down, down, thistle moor,

dusting o’er the creaking floor

to the stone gorse garden door:

resurgence from poverty to kin,

from ignorance to education,

forgiving liniment

from within, cold without

from the imminent

moor fog, hazing our sight.

From cradle to Yule log,

burn foolish, burn bright!


Emily Isaacson


Isaacson's Hourglass is a work of the Commonwealth,

emblazoned with its symbols, character and resonance.

Written by Emily Isaacson, it is her latest work of art,

poetry in six sections. 

Isaacson's Hourglass details the poetry of a waning empire, 

on the verge of transformation.


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